Loft J
16:15 - 18:30
∞OS Operating System for the Bodymind

Short thesis

Disruption, adaptation, infiltration, agility, robustness... These notions are used a lot both in technology and in science, yet our understanding of what they really represent is still very abstract — we do not really "feel" them. During this workshop we propose the participants to get a direct embodied understanding of these notions in an interactive group setting using our bodies, inspired by the martial art Systema, dance, complex systems theory, and agile development practices.


Let’s suppose that our body is the hardware and our behavioral patterns is the software. A lot of this software is based on ancient concepts and outdated evolutionary circuits. Moreover, when we learn about the notions like sustainability, adaptation, disruption, agility, robustness we usually do it only intellectually, without concrete physical experience that would allow us to have a deep embodied understanding of the processes that these notions are based on. In the age of singularity and technological disruption we seem to be moving faster than ever, but do we really properly digest all these notions that come up on our evolutionary path?

In this workshop we invite you to try open-source operating system for the bodymind ∞OS /#eightos/ that promotes ecological interaction, confluence, and sustainable evolutionary flow. Taking as inspiration the latest findings from complex systems theory and network science we come up with powerful physical metaphors that can be observed in nature and then activate them on the level of the body and reflexes through the interactive group work. We combine them with various approaches found in the martial art Systema and contemporary dance to create engaging, interactive and informative exercises, which we then practice together to upgrade our software for the 21st century. Bringing these physical metaphors on the level of the movement will help us ingest their deeper meaning and produce the new behavioral patterns, which can be inscribed on the level of reflexes and applied in everyday life and work.

The agile approach to the training combined with the open-source ethos makes it possible for everyone to try the practice on, no prior experience needed. You can choose your own level of engagement, modify the source code, or create your own version!