Meetup 2
16:15 - 17:15
Digital Culture Club
Poprebel meets RebelVillage: community art as an antidote to populism

Short thesis

Edgeryders is on a mission to develop a creative repertoire of responses to political challenges faced by different communities. We are starting with POPrebel, a three-year-long research and community building project investigating populism in Eastern/Central Europe, which we plan to connect with the creation/collaboration of co-living, co-working artistic spaces, aka RebelVillages, involved in generating creative, grassroots responses to these challenges.


One could argue the age of populism is the age of esthetics - and the idealised agora has shifted into a circus. We're have moved into a world with multitude of voices and desire for the spectacle, where those on the progressive side still struggle to write a compelling story, YouTube-ready and instantly viral.

We will talk about the research we're doing on the rise of populism in Eastern and Central Europe (POPRebel). And about the idea of setting up Rebel Villages - art and community spaces, motivated to generate positive narratives for the future. A communal sleeping pod, in which artists, activists, researchers, citizen experts, outsiders, and doers dream up shared futures and lay a path towards it.

We will ask questions about your experiences with populism, and informational bubbles, and the pains of modern political spectacle.

Poprebel is a growing community designed and nurtured by the Edgeryders network spanning 30 countries and over 4500 people collaborating on an online platform to figure out solutions. We will shine a light on people and projects who are effectively “making anti-populism”, and at the workshop, we will design with participants an inclusive path for both low and high-level engagement in the Poprebel community.