B-Part Am Gleisdreieck
15:00 - 16:00
The Human Touch
Sick and the Media - Representation of Mental Illnesses Online

Short thesis

Mental Health has for the longest time been a topic which was not discussed publicly. Now in the era of social media it seems as that we moved away from this highly stigmatized perception of mental illnesses. Social Media grew to be a place where former taboos are being broken. Therefore it is not suprising that people found place there to openly talk about and display mental illnesses and get in touch with others (who are suffering from the same).


How we got to the place where talking about Mental Health is on the rise on social platforms and what are it's positiv just as negative aspects, will be discussed by our panelists. Is the use of social media contributing to end the stigma on mental health? How is the online debate on mental health evolving? And can it be dangerous that influencers are dominating the discussion on mental health, while there are not enough professionals who are involved as well?