16:45 - 17:15
Vernicular Architecture and Future Cities

Short thesis

In this conversation, two architects will exchange their visions on how to design future cities, deconstruct the smart city propisition and discuss the role of vernicular architecture in this context.


The relevance of vernicular architecture in designing future cities is becoming increasingly popular: Architects are embracing regionalism and cultural building traditions, given that these structures have proven to be energy efficient and altogether sustainable. Given the increasing challenges we are facing terms of climate change and digital transformation, how can vernicular approaches help in designing sustainable, livable and dynamic cities of the future? Gili and Senamé are both architects exploring these ideas in different environments - togther they will engage in a conversation exchanging their work experiences and ideas on participatory, interactove design and philosphies on future cities. 

This session is part of the FUTURE/S project supported by Stiftung Deutsch-Israelisches Zukunftsforum