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17:30 - 18:00
Walking the line between profit and impact

Short thesis

Everyone is talking about impact and sustainable business. But actually walking that talk is still tough business in Germany today where the concept of Social Entreprise is far from mainstream among conventional investors. Still, embracing the challenge of aligning impact and profit holds a great promise of development and happiness for each entrepreneur – and for society at large.



Juan Samovia (former director general at International Labor Organisation) “When you decide to change society, you decide to swim against the current..[] is hard but you you gotta know this is exactly how it has to be”

Access to capital -The state of impact investing from a social entrepreneurs view

Overcoached and underfunded - How sometimes a bit of cash would be more helpful than the third storytelling workshop

Finding the right business model – How aligning impact and profits can cause confusion among stakeholders of both worlds


Impact gives you wings – How without the impact I would not get out of bed on Monday morning

Talent will love you – How I was congratulated for paying shitty salaries

Disruptive Innovation – How putting impact into the bottom line makes you more likely to target the customers segments corporates have overlooked so far