Art Parade Flashmob 🚀 Interactive musical & visual parade through the Station

Short Thesis

Don't talk - take action and join in. After the Workshop with the Puppet Thinking, we want to bring this momentum of art on the road.
We create a parade that gives free space for self expression and craziness. Put down the cellphone and connect with your peers. Here and Now.
Dance, Sing and Share the Light of these Shining Eyes.


We hope to have three phases during Republica and the Art Parade would be the final experience (which only makes sense if at least the workshop takes place)

a) Inspiring Talk

b) interactive Workshops with the creation of Puppets

c) co-creative parade with all participants joining into this Republica Polonaise

The built Mini-Wes will team up with the global inspiring team of the Giants of Light and DUNDU and bring the Station into a parade momentum. The idea is that finally everybody joins in this puppet polonaise which in a beautiful way showcases the spirit of republica: The importance of the contribution for the bigger whole and the own dynmic which can amplifiy the system´s energy on the next level.

For the parade we could see DUNDU as representative of all human beings join in as a visual storyteller and emotional eye-catcher.

Sounds crazy but why do people travel from all over the world 👉 to experience themselves in a different reality and the arts have this potential

It is the next level of a "Ball Bath" and we hope to create a real analog network of emotions and momentum of light.

We would keep this session rather secret and see what own dynamic can be created during the 1st day of Republica in the talk and the workshop and then immerse into this art experiment.

The idea is to have the Mini-Wes (self-built puppets during the previous workshop) join and team up with DUNDU - The Giant of Light. We want to create a co-creative art parade through the whole station in the best case at the evening time which finally culminates on the dance floor with a gigantic explosion of creativity. We want to show that You can and that teamwork with make the big change in the future.

location: MeetUp2