@h – Die Gestaltungsmaschine

Short thesis

Die Gestaltungsmachine is a powerful artificial imagination experiment, an AI which is able to dream in three dimensions. Having processed the memories of one century of car design, it invites visitors to collaborate with AI and explore the space of all possible future models.


As a premiere exclusively for re:publica, Waltz Binaire unveils the future of collaborative design: die Gestaltungsmaschine. An artificial intelligence trained on design heritage, able to conceptualize all future alternatives, all possible models and their variations, in full 3D.

Our custom solution is trained on handcrafted 50.000 digital car models and is able to develop a synthetic understanding of its concept.

We invite you to explore a space of 512 dimensions and interact with the most detailed 3D neural network to date. Come over and discuss with us the future of AI-assisted creativity, product design and research. How do we interact with powerful multidimensional tools? What is the designers’ future role? Or simply enjoy the experience to cooperate with our AI-prototype in real time.

location: h