@S – The Airborne Instruments NTMI

Short Thesis

The Airborne Instruments NTMI – NonTrivial Music Instrument – is a new Digital Musical Instrument (DMI) that is designed to allow the musician completely free movement of the interactor object in space (airborne).


How to combine bodily movement and digital technologies for musical expression without becoming an expert in these complex technologies? 

The NTMI – NonTrivial Music Instrument – is an innovative digital musical instrument that facilitates a unique form of intuitive gestural play thanks to its wireless interface and special software architecture. In contrast to most conventional musical instruments, it can be moved freely in space: position, movement and acceleration influence the resulting music. 

Movement data and interaction with the eight pressure pads on the interactor are digitized with an OSC module and transferred via WiFi to a computer as OSC data. The AirborneNTMI App processes these data as parameters for up to four realtime-audio synthesis processes. 

The unique Influx mapping entangles all control data so that each input value 

influences every sound parameter by a specific amount. This tight coupling of movement and resulting sound frees the performers from the cognitive load of analytical thinking so they can fully focus on the music they are creating. 


The App is written in the open-source SuperCollider language and allows extensitive modifications: add your own sounds, modify the interaction, hack it!


Development of the NTMI is funded by the creative prototyping grant program. 

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