@S – Unravelling the thought process: Exploring multiperspectivity through annotated videos

Short thesis

BSPW critical thinking facilitators and the media artist / scenographer Ariane Trümper are researching the potential of annotated videos to create an experience of multiperspectivity. After filming audio-guided participants while exploring a space, we then juxtapose their documented thought and action processes and share them online.


Participants are video recorded while they explore a room, and they are afterwards invited to reflect on their experience by annotating the videos. Over the course of re:publica, these annotated videos will be synchronized with each other and gathered online in a collection. 

Research steps: 

  • The participants are filmed exploring a room while listening to an audio score that invites them to take action (see attached video). 
  • The participants annotate the videos of their explorations in writing.
  • The annotated videos will be added to the online collection of videos. They will be shown on location and shared online. 

This set-up offers several layers of reflection. The medium of video makes it possible to look back on decisions and reactions that are normally only acknowledged in passing. Video allows us to become aware of our actions and how we make decisions. By reviewing the video and making annotations, the participants reflect on their individual experiences. Video documentation also makes it possible for the participants to experience each others’ perspectives. Finally, screening several of these annotated videos simultaneously creates a map of different action and thought processes. The thesis is that this method can help enrich coaching situations by creating a visualisation of individuals and a group.

We thus offer a glimpse into and a (re-)experience of individuals’ complex processes during the ‘same’ event, and we create a perspective of multiplicity by juxtaposing various perspectives. During re:publica, we want to research the potential of this method to review the differing experiences of participants, as well as the applicability of this method in team coachings.