Techno Jewels, Marble Blings and Intelligent Objects

Short Thesis

Autonomous Jewellery and Interacting Objects.
Keep an eye out for jewellery corresponding with its wearer and environment on its own terms. Be aware of objects joining people, not by reading displays but by interacting with each other. Look out for these subtle lights, these play of colours, these sounds and let yourself be guided by your senses.


“The value of a personal relationship to things is that it creates intimacy and intimacy creates understanding and understanding creates love.” Quote by Anais Nin

In a society where tl;dr is a fact – maybe haptics could jump right in? At times, what you want to express is simply too difficult to put into a certain shape, for example language, words or letters.

This dilemma is of course one of the very reasons why humans have and will always express themselves in art. In my work, I want the tactual objects to have a voice, other than a display. I want them to communicate with each other, but also with us, the wearers - playing with the return to our primary instincts. Seeing, Feeling, Hearing.

What is the language of an object? Can it also be tl;dr? I like the idea of it being understood universally. Open to anybody.

All objects and jewels have been crafted in the Jewellery Production Workshop within the DTM (German Technical Museum). They combine nearly forgotten manufacturing processes and machines with state-of-the-art electro technics.