Photo Credits: Gregor Fischer / CC BY 2.0

We find ourselves in an era of “information overload” and “tl:dr”. The next 10-page article sends shivers down our spines. Yet we still want be informed. But how? In times in which our eyes seem to be exhausted, our ears still seem ready for action. So, instead of a “long read”, how about a “long listen”? Well-researched and long segments in audio formats are apparently just what the doctor ordered. And the podcast hype of today proves that people are ready for it. So we’d like to latch onto it with our Podcast topic, meet the many podcast listeners where they already are, motivate some new ones, but also take a critical look at the medium. Aside from the three big live podcasts in Germany, “State of the Nation”, “Machiavelli” and the “Enough Said” podcast by ZEIT, we’re creating an additional space for this medium in B-Part on Gleisdreieck.