system error theme

Photo Credit: Gregor Fischer / CC BY-SA 2.0

All over the world, schoolgirls and schoolboys take topics to the streets and demonstrate for a climate-friendly policy. The Fridays for Future demonstrations are intended to remind us to use our resources, our earth, in a sustainable way. But also the protests around the Hambach forest and the actions against plastic waste are a statement for more environmental protection. We want to capture this zeitgeist, this actionism. Therefore our sustainability topic is called SYSTEM:ERROR - THE PROBLEM IS US, THE SOLUTION IS US. It is about not denying and not resigning to man-made climate change. On the contrary, there is now a chance to bring about a rethink. Together with our topic partner, the Federal Environment Ministry, we are dealing with climate protection, recycling management, mobility, consumption, sustainable agriculture ... in short: with the question of how digitalisation can be shaped progressively. Finally, we take a look at the Earth from space. We want to learn from each other and forge new alliances. Because only together we can move forward and create the change that we all urgently need.