We do yoga at work and there is a meditation space. Vegetables are growing in an office garden that all the employees help tend. Exercise programmes are offered and team-building activities are standard, as are working hours customised to each worker’s schedule. All with the goal of employees taking better care of themselves and finding a better work/life balance. But isn’t the goal simply more efficiency in the workplace?

Is Work Just Work – Or Career a Calling?

Others, in turn, travel through the world of co-working spaces as digital nomads, equipped with a laptop and the internet. Almost everyone can work from anywhere and everywhere, thereby creating a working environment that is perfectly tailored to a person’s individual needs. But should a workspace be adapted to our life and enrich it – or can work just simply be work and thus remain a workplace, somewhere we leave after quitting time? Do we live for our work? Or is it living for us?

The future of work is already here and we’re smack dab in the middle of it. While workplaces are undergoing rapid changes, the general understanding of work and what work means for us as individuals is also undergoing a transformation.