Mobility & City

photo credit: Matthias Ripp (CC BY 2.0)

Mobility is entering new dimensions. When we talk about the future of mobility, it is no longer just about autonomous cars or car sharing start-ups but a full process of transforming all aspects of society. We are convinced of the need for a cross-industry exchange on ideas for new innovations, future visions and structural changes in industry, politics and science. Our track Mobility & City highlights, discusses and reflects on the developments in mobility from a range of perspectives.

Are societies and their legal frameworks ready for remotely piloted vehicles? How is the implementation of digitalisation and robotics changing our existing concepts of mobility? How can future interactions between humans and machines be designed to avoid long-term relationship problems? In what ways do our urban centres need to be restructured, in order to transform them into empathetic, open and intelligent spaces? What are the implications for data protection in a fully networked society?