Mario Malzacher
Co-Founder, Business Developer

Mario Malzacher is co-founder of the Berlin based change agency By developing the system, they solve the problem of the linear fashion industry. Besides managing the company his focus is on solving the challenge of allocating clothes to a suitable recycler after use (Reverse Supply Chain Intelligence).

He is German but was born and raised in Switzerland where he also made his educational career. He holds a  B.Sc in information management and a MA in business innovation from the University of St.Gallen. In addition, he learned the design thinking methodology at Stanford University. Afterwards, he worked as process engineer and global production developer in the competence center of ABB for seven years. Before co-founding he gained two years experience as an entrepreneur with a startup working for a circular economy in retail. He won several awards with his projects beginning with the young leader award in 2011 and recently the Global Change Award 2019. 

He co-founded both companies as social business as he has a strong belief that social businesses can take better decisions than such who have to serve the needs of the shareholders in the first place. Already during his Masters he built up the Social Entrepreneurship chapter of oikos which organized the first Social Entrepreneurship Conference at the University of St.Gallen.