Valentin von Lindenau

Valentin is one of the four founders of kling klang klong, an innovation studio for sound, music and interaction.
Before founding kling klang klong, Valentin lived in Amsterdam where he ran the recording and production studio "Random Robots". From there he worked as a freelance composer for advertising, theatre and film and produced a number of local bands.

Besides his work in the studio he was part and initiator of several bands, among them "Caspian Hat Dance", with which he toured through large parts of Europe as well as the USA.
In addition to his performances as a stage musician, he was also responsible for the arrangements and a number of the compositions.

His experience as a live musician and multi-instrumentalist has now been concentrated again on studio work, where liveliness and authenticity of the music serves as a constant guide to his work.
Today, in addition to conventional linear composition, Valentin is increasingly engaged in the research and development of non-linear composition methods. Here it is increasingly about music and sound that can be influenced in the moment of listening, e.g. through an action of the listener, specially developed audio playback programs or data sets.

In addition, he has gained experience in conceptual composition within the framework of Acoustic Scenography, where he is concerned among other things with tuning several rooms with different compositions in a multichannel system to each other and in the best case to enrich each other.