12:30 - 13:30
Sharing & Diversifying Intellectual Property


How can we function as interdisciplinary creatives in the face of legislature and technology that increasingly constrain our ability to communicate through and survive off of aesthetic mediums? We take the standpoint of the independent artist, the tech expert, the die-hard listener, and the revolutionary engineer in our panel discussion.


How do independent artists survive in the digital realm?  How do we connect with diverse audiences in the age of algorithms?  Reflecting on how a more accessible and fair system could manifest within today's listening ecology, our panel will present cutting-edge models of intellectual property management and new technologies.  We give a voice to artists and listeners who are otherwise marginalized due to their race, sexual orientation, and/or gender-identity.

The podium discussion will feature Melissa E. Logan (VooCha / Uni CAT / Chicks on Speed), Claudia Schwarz (MusicTech Germany & WickedWork) and Ollie Zhang (artist, writer and musician).

The panel is produced by NOW: an event based in Berlin which brings together female identifying, trans and non-binary inclusive Queer, POC activists, experts and musicians to promote an exchange of knowledge.  As an innovative incubator, we develop an educational alliance that reflects on controversial topics combined with music as a tool to foster creative communication to generate new approaches. We give new impulses through live performance and discursive investigation by connecting the potential of individual artists and stakeholders.  Following the panel we invite our target group for a meet up within the re:publica event where we will present our future project NIGHT SCHOOL.