Jutta Steiner

As co-founder and CEO of Parity Technologies, Dr. Jutta Steiner is dedicated to building a better internet, Web 3.0, where users’ privacy & control come first.

Parity is a leader in the blockchain space – it is building an ambitious new protocol, Polkadot, which is designed to enable all present and future chains to connect and interoperate seamlessly and efficiently. To help foster blockchain innovation, the company has launched Parity Substrate – a blockchain-building framework that makes it easier to experiment and innovate with new ideas for sharding, encryption and governance. The company is also known for Parity Ethereum, the world’s most advanced Ethereum client.

Prior to starting Parity, Steiner was responsible for security and partner integration at the Ethereum Foundation. She was also a co-founder of Project Provenance Ltd, a London based start-up that employs Blockchain technology to make supply chains more transparent.

Steiner is an applied mathematician with a PhD in mathematics. Her focus today is on spreading awareness for the Web 3.0 movement and advocating for a more trusting, secure internet. Steiner was recently named to Fortune’s 40 under 40 and Capital’s 40 under 40 lists.