Astro Alex returns to #rp19

In December 2018 Alexander Gerst (tl;dr: Astro Alex) returned to Earth from his second ISS mission and his next return is already scheduled: A return to re:publica.

European Space Agency (ESA) astronaut Alexander Gerst first came to re:publica in 2015 where he delivered an exciting talk about his six-month stay in space - from the perspective of a scientist and that of an overwhelmed earth dweller. He will be joined at #rp19 by Jan Wörner, ESA Director General, to talk about the future of space exploration.

Exploration vs. exploitation

Gerst and Wörner inquire into the dangers of private space travel for our society and for interstellar environmental protection. Who is allowed to go into space? And how can we ensure diversity in space research?

Find his Session here.

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