#rp19 re:view “Music – Reality Check”

Within the topic „Music – Reality Check“ we investigated long-term developments at the interfaces of music and technology. Primarily independent stakeholders and artists shared their views on the chances and challenges of the music industry in the digital age. We compiled the videos of the „Music – Reality Check“ sessions in a YouTube playlist that you can find here.
Recurring issues were power and ownership. In the panel “Sharing & Diversifying Intellectual Property”, melissa perales discussed how independent artists can survive and live off their art in the digital realm with Melissa E. Logan, Claudia Schwarz and Ollie Zhang. They presented cutting-edge models of intellectual property management that could be used to make today’s listening ecology more accessible and fair.
Two of such alternative models, the collecting society C3S and the streaming platform Resonate, were presented in the discussion “Prospects to Shift Paradigms“ by Peter Harris and M.eik Michalke.
Copyright and ownership was also at the centre of the talks “Powers, Protocols and Money Flows” by Mat Dryhurst and Andrea Goetzke and “European copyright reform: Is it possible?“ by Martin Kretschmer. While the latter talk inquired into the lawmaking process and the role of lobbying in the EU, the former offers a broader perspective on music culture in the current political, industrial and technological environment.
Another focal point within the topic “Reality Check” was the future of music and sound engineering. In the session “AI – Art – AI”, musicians, AI scientists and artists shared their views, fears and utopias on AI in music. “Music Utopias” was a session on new sounds and sound applications. It included questions like which sounds actually sound new to us and why and what artists are working on right now.

The Topic "Reality Check" was presented by Music Pool Berlin and co-curated by Andrea Goetzke and Eric Eitel. Have fun watching!