Stage 1
15:00 - 16:00
Live Translation
AI is More Than Math: Using Art and Design to Interrogate Bias in AI

Short thesis

Can there be neutral data, unbiased algorithms, good machine learning? AI, algorithms, and machine learning are explicitly linked by how they are fearfully and hotly discussed in the media as the future of technology, as dystopian tools and procedures and as a tech that is difficult to understand and in need of regulation, ethics, and examining. This talk examines the current landscape of AI in consumer products, and suggest ways that design and art can mediate and potentially intervene.


What is feminist data inside of social networks, algorithms, and big data? How can we queer data, the archive, and the internet? How can a data set act as a form of protest, of a creation of bias mitigation? This talk looks at ways of intervention, from art, design, and technology that combat and challenge bias. How can we create data to be an act of protest against algorithms?

Part of this talk will focus on Caroline's research and current art project, Feminist Data Set. Feminist Data Set acts as a means to combat bias and introduce the possibility of data collection as a feminist practice, aiming to produce a slice of data to intervene in larger civic and private networks. Exploring its potential to disrupt larger systems by generating new forms of agency, her work asks: can data collection itself function as an artwork?