B-Part Am Gleisdreieck
13:00 - 13:30
Of Bees and Bytes. A Virtual Road Trip Through a Feminist Internet.

Short thesis

We want to take you on a trip to a space that you have believed to know, but that is in fact an unexplored territory. We will hit the road and discover hidden places of the internet infrastructure in the year 2025. Together we are going to rethink and overcome structures of hegemonic power, simply by stopping by and uncovering spots of perfectly functional, virtual femininity. Get in, join the ride and you will see: the internet, if you look closely, is a feminist space – just like a beehive.


Of Bees and Bytes is a science fiction short story that takes two protagonists on a road-trip through the feminist internet in the year 2025. In this close-future scenario, the big internet players have been overthrown and new, feminist infrastructures are rising. On their trip, the two protagonists drive through post-apocalyptical cyber-landscapes. They visit a meme-factory, a virtual bazaar and a bodyhacking-spa and discover already existing utopian feminist places. The short story combines feminist theories, methods of narration and fiction, as well as digital ethnographies. Of Bees and Bytes is published as part of the Next Generation Internet - Engineroom project by Nesta in March 2019. It aims to spark ideas and discussions around how to re-imagine an open and diverse internet.