Loft J
18:45 - 19:45
The Human Touch
Period tracking done right

Short thesis

Period tracking apps are currently among the most popular health tracking apps, for good reason. However, privacy, transparency and gender diversity are often not taken into account. Additionally, these apps handle highly sensitive information about us(ers).

Period tracking folks: What do we want these apps to look like? What problems could they solve for us? Let's imagine period tracking technology done right. Let's speculate about the future of menstruation tech together.


In this workshop we will tie up theory and practice around period tracking apps. The session is divided into 2 parts: input and hands-on. The workshop starts with an overview of period tracking apps by discussing the potential benefits and risks for us(ers). Additionally, we will look into existing open source alternatives in order to discuss in what way they can improve the user experience of period tracking. 

The input intends to stimulate an exchange of ideas, that aim for transparent and reliable technologies. Split into groups of 4-6 people, you're then invited to discuss and collect ideas for improvements and solutions that tech can be a part of. Within the group you are are also invited to share and discuss your experiences using such apps. At the end we will gather for a final round of discussion and compare results from the groups.