@h – To Sister Moon and back in 2,5 Seconds!

Short Thesis

SISTER MOON is a global participatory cosmic art project, inviting Earthlings to initiate a meaningful conversation with the moon.

Martine-Nicole Rojina collaborates with the Dwingeloo Radio Telescope, Jan van Muijlwijk and Harry Keizer of CAMRAS and records moon echoes of voices, music instruments and sounds.


Sister Moon collects sentences, voices, and sounds worldwide from earthlings.

Their echo off the moon initiates a meaningful dialogue with our closest celestial companion. 


SISTER MOON is a planetary cosmic art project, which aims to reactivate our human relationship with the universe and elevates space awareness by empowering a meaningful conversation with our closest evolutionary companion: The Moon.

Using moon bounce technology, Earthlings all around the globe send their voice, musical instrument or sound-art through space via modulated radio waves and listen to the echo of SISTER MOON.


Transdisciplinary artist, music producer and future technology consultant Martine-Nicole Rojina (GER) uses one of the world’s first radio astronomy to record the moon echoes and creates musical compositions and sound-art installations in collaboration with the DWINGELOO RADIO TELESCOPE (NE), Jan van Muijlwijk (NE) and Harry Keizer (NE) of CAMRAS. She travels to selected events worldwide for live moon bounce, performances and talks.



“She speaks with her own voice, our dear Sister Moon and the possibility of connecting with her 
enriches us with an altered existence, a transformative relation, an additional meaning and a new awareness.

We are all Earthlings in constant universal exchange, challenged to find a meaningful and sustainable being 
on our Spaceship Mother Earth.

Looking back to our unique “pale blue dot” from the view of our closest companion makes us realize the mesmerizing wonders of our home planet travelling through our solar system, in our home galaxy the Milky Way... one of billions of galaxies, all yet to be explored.”

 Martine-Nicole Rojina


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