Side Events at #rp19: Follow the letters

While most of our stages are numbered, letters mark the locations of the #rp19 Side Events. On paper on the location map as well as physically on-site. Buchstabenmuseum Berlin let us borrow some of their impressive letters so you can hardly miss the markers of the performances, installations and artworks that are spread across the different venues of #rp19.

Here’s a compilation of what Side Events to discover behind each letter:

S - In the Community Garden you'll find the Society for Nontrivial Pursuit and can become part of an interactive utopia to show human affection to an Artificial Intelligence. The Community Garden is also where the Agency for Outsourced Life inquires into the effects of the outsourcing lifestyle on human connections.

U - What needs do faith and mythology meet in our digital society? Next to Stage 1 you will find Glue in Reality, an Augmented Reality installation that provides answers to modern questions of faith.

N - In the inner courtyard, Andy Kassier's performance Was kann ich besser machen? II takes place. Another part of the exhibition Digital Identity, Andy Kassier invites you to reflect on self-optimization on Tuesday from 12 am to 7 pm.

B - 135 chapters - Moby Dick is legendary. At the letter B you'll find the re:aders corner, where we take a look at this monumental opus in the form of Fehlerlesen. “Fehlerlesen” is a popular competition most Germans remember from their school days: Each reader reads out loud until they make a mistake, at which point they have to hand over to the next reader.

A - In the White Room you will find the Net Based Award winning work Self-Portrait 2018) by Olia Lialina. The installation is one of four works in the exhibition Digital Identity.

t - The editorial staff of Techniktagebuch read out more than 9,000 pages of the chronology of digital innovation in its entirety. The editors say: "Of course nobody will enjoy this, neither us nor you. [...] And yet it has to be, that's how it is with art."

h - Cosmic art awaits with Sister Moon, who lets us communicate with the moon. Here is also where Waltz Binaire unveil the future of collaborative design: the Gestaltungsmaschine.

E - At B-Part Am Gleisdreieck you'll find the games, one of the central parts of the Side Events, such as BeBernd and Übertrumpfen. Also hidden behind the letter E are the Face Masks by Andy Picci, CUBE, a virtual gallery for virtual art by Galerie Roehrs & Boetsch, and the virtual-reality-installation Logics of Gold.

All Side Events are listed here.