Accessibility & Inclusion

re:publica stands for equality, diversity and open access to knowledge for everyone. Accessibility and inclusion are therefore very important to us. The rooms, halls and stages of STATION and B-Part are all wheelchair accessible and we offer tickets at reduced is an international event, featuring speakers from over 70 countries. It is important to us that all participants feel welcome and are able to make their way around the event.


People accompanying severely disabled persons (with disabled pass, German disability code "B") have free admission to the re:publica. We therefore ask you to register this escort in advance at: ticket at The ticket prices should not constitute an obstacle for anyone interested, but working on a limited budget. This is why we offer people the chance to help out for one day during the conference. In return you get catering and a branded t-shirt, as well as a ticket for the rest of the event, allowing you to participate in the conference. Find more informatione here.

Accessible Toilets & Parking

All toilets are marked in the site plan. Accessible bathrooms are located next to the main stage (Stage 1) and next to the cloakroom (White Room). There are diaper-changing tables in all of the accessible bathrooms. There is only very limited disabled parking available on-site. There are, however, more parking places in close vicinity. Ask one of our helpers at the entrance if you are in need of assistance. All other vehicles can park in the Parkhaus am Gleisdreieck. Find out more information here.


Nearly half of re:publica's sessions will take place in English and all talks on Stage 1 will be accompanied by speech-to-text translation in English that will be displayed onstage, as well as on our website in the live stream. All Stage 1 and Stage 2 sessions are simultaneously translated into English and selectively into German. Following re:publica, all talks will be archived on our YouTube channel and several will feature added English subtitles.

Moreover there will be a team of German sign language interpreters available throughout re:publica. You can meet them at the Info Counter in the main hall every morning:

Monday, May 6th: 10:30am
Tuesday, May 7th: 10:00am
Wednesday, May 8th: 11:30am

You’ll be able to discuss and organize with them which sessions you want to visit. They will be on-site until the end of the day. If you need to reach them during the day, you can also contact them from the info point - either they’ll be there (if not on duty), or we’ll call them.

Got any questions?

You can find further information in our FAQs. Should you have any other concerns, feel free to get in touch with us via the contact form. Questions concerning the ticket system, discounts or accompanying persons can be directed straight to: ticket at