B-Part Am Gleisdreieck

During re:publica, the B-Part offers a place to relax, play, connect, speculate, do handicrafts, try out, listen and enjoy.

During the 3 days re:publica 3 central topics of our CfP will be presented on the B-Part Stage. On Monday a special edition of the Day of the Podcast will be hosted by MacSnider under the topic "Podcats - Podcasting for the Meme Generation". There will be live podcasting all day long. On Tuesday, the topic 'EmanziTech' will include talks and workshops on the emancipatory potential of (digital) technologies and the emancipation of these technologies themselves. On Wednesday, the topic 'The Human Touch' will focus on assistance technologies and psychological effects of digitization processes, such as the digital representation of mental sickness.

All around there will be colourful side events. In the Fabmobil, which stands right next to the B-Part, will be the opportunity to try out various digital technology and machine tools for yourself.

In the Laser-Mobil of the German Spy Museum, you can try out your spy skills.

The 'Digital Society' is made playable in games designed by sudents of the UdK. In various parlour games derived from real contexts and speculation, norms are deconstructed, complex correlations are explained, social simulations are made experienceable and today is connected with tomorrow. In VR installations, a different view of reality is directed and art is made virtually experienceable.

In the re:connection Space, in contrast, will be the possibility to relax with yoga and meditation, presented by the Berlin Yoga Conference, and to experience music with other senses in the sound/visual installation of KYMAT.