Rian Whitton
Research Analyst

Research Focus

As part of the Strategic Technologies research team, Rian provides an analysis for Robotics, Automation, Intelligent Systems. He has also written actively on industrial and commercial applications for robots, and covers emerging robotics technologies including collaborative systems, mobile robotics, unmanned aerial vehicles and exoskeletons. He has spoken at numerous events, including Robo Business and the Boston Robotics Summit, and contributes to a wide selection of media outlets, including editorials. Rian is on the advisory board for Robo Business and an advisor to VDEI, an industry trade group dedicated to furthering understanding of the exoskeleton market.


Rian graduated in 2017 with a Master’s degree in Science & Security from King’s College London, researching the intersection of technology and defense. Prior to that, he was an undergraduate at the University of Sheffield, studying History & Politics.