Call for Participation - Step by Step

Our Call for Participation will end December 16, 2018 at 11.59 pm. Submit your idea now! We've put together a short "step-by-step" instruction:

Go to the registration page.

1. If you were a participant at a re:publica event since 2014, you just need to update your profile.

2. If you want to create a new speaker profile then follow these steps:

  • In the first part of the form please fill in your personal information (first and last name)
  • Choose your username. (HINT: if you use a combination of your first and last name, we will have an easier time to find you in the system when you have questions)
  • Please enter a functioning e-Mail address. This is important, as we will send you information via this address.
  • Click the Button "Create account"

2.1 After completing registration, you will receive an activation link via your submitted e-mail address. (Please note that this might take up to 15 minutes depending on your e-mail provider and please also check your spam folder... Click the link and set a password.)

2.2 When you're logged in for the first time you need to complete your speaker profile. You can only save your speaker profile once you have filled in all fileds marked with a red star. Ideally, you already have the following at hand:

  • Upload your foto. Please check the specifications:
    • 800 KB Limit.
    • Format: png gif jpg jpeg.
    • The picture needs to be larger than 480x480 pixel. All pictures exceeding 1024x1024 pixel will be reduced.
  • Fill in your short bio in 200 words / 1000 signs
  • Fill in your organisation or your job title
  • Please also add a link to your website or that of your organisation
  • Change your password
  • Save once and voila: done.

3. When you log in, you will find a menu bar. Click the cog wheel to open a dropdown on the left side of the page. You will find the items "Home", "My Dashboard" and "Add content".

  • "My Dashboard": Here you can see an overview of your content and make changes
  • "My Profile": To edit your profile, you can click the „edit“ link. There you can edit your e-mail address, password etc.
  • "Add Session": This button leads you to the session formulaire to submit your idea for the Call for Participation (CfP)
  • "Add Side Event": This button leads you to a forumlaire to add an idea for the side events (actions, installations, off-stage program points)
  • "Inhalt erstellen": Here you can also add new sessions and side events. You can get an overview of all your already submitted sessions for editing.
  • "Home": Here you reach the main page of 19.re-publica.com/en

4. And now the most important: You want to add a session.

  • Click on "My Dashboard"
  • Click "Add Session", to add a session, or "Add Side Event", to add an action for the side events.
  • Now you will reach the CfP Formulaire. Please read the formulaire well so that you can fill in all fields with the red asterisc.
  • So, just start, fill in all the required information - and tadaa: You have made it, your proposal is in the system.
  • Once you saved your session and can access it from your dashboard, the programme team can also see it. That means it's submitted and you don't need to do anything else.
  • Short on time? Simply click "Save" in between and continue later. This is not a problem. But remember: your proposal must be completed by the deadline.
  • This is all not rocket science - as long as this description may be, the shorter the process in itself.

5. If you are planning a session with several speakers, each speaker must register with a profile and give you their username.

  • Click "Add item" to add an additional speaker box.
  • Enter the user name in the field "Speakers".
  • Please note that you need to wait for the the auto-complete to find the user name in our database.

Finally: Please remember to log out.

Please also note again your submission can only be accepted only if your speaker profile is completed until the deadline.

Fingers crossed! We're looking forward to your idea!

How to CfP