#rp19 Call for Participation: The “Arts & Culture”-Track

It is hard to tell where the border between art, culture and our digitalized everyday life runs these days. For some, culture refers to what is carefully arranged and displayed in museums or galleries; for others, it is a "pop elixir" for the search of inspiration in social networks.
How do you use culture in the digital age - or how would you like to use it? What does a next-generation museum look like to you, and what does it definitely not look like? After the futile cries for a digital ministry, is there now also a demand for a digital museum?

In accordance with our motto tl;dr, we want to examine the analog and digital archives: How are digital artefacts from renowned collections currently being handled? What Open Data applications should there be? Where is cultural consumption "anytime, anywhere" justified? And in which areas is there no getting around the haptic experience of IRL?

Let's playfully reinvent culture, test out boundaries and impart knowledge:  Together with you, we want to embark on a search for places of interest in the digital society, rethink theaters, museums and galleries further, but also analyze how established cultural institutions and libraries move in the digital space today.

What are you currently working on as freelance artists and what limits do you have that you want to exceed together with the re:publica community?
What experiences have you already made with digital technologies that you would like to pass on or further develop in a crowdsourcing session?
Are you currently working on an exciting format that you would like to present in a workshop discussion at re:publica?
What should a digital society meeting space look like for cultural workers, so that they can discuss, (collaboratively) design and experiment? And who should pay for it?

Whether you want to report from within an institution, further develop a participative theatre idea, set up an AI-controlled installation or make your coding services available in a cultural hackathon: Artistic interventions are just as welcome in our "Arts & Culture" track as cultural-political activism. Whether you are an artist or critical consumer, museum researcher or maker, programmer or crossdisciplinary thinker - let us know what drives you on the subject of digital culture. Until the 16th of December you still have the opportunity to submit your ideas, performances, answers and questions to our Call For Participation in order to experiment, discuss and speculate with us at STATION Berlin from the 6th to the 8th of May 2019. We look forward to reading your exciting stories over a cup of hot chocolate in this cold season.