#rp19 re:view "my city > your city > no city"

Within the #rp19-topic "my city > your city > no city" we explored different ideas on how to create livable and sustainable cities of the future. We have compiled the videos of the "meine Stadt > deine Stadt > keine Stadt" in a YouTube playlist.

In the panel "Manifesto for technological sovereignty and digital rights for citiesFrancesca Bria, Chief Technology and Digital Innovation Officer of the City of Barcelona, discussed Katalin Gennburg, speaker for urban development, tourism and smart city of the Left Fraction in the Berlin House of Representatives, and Ulrike Huemer, Chief Information Office of the City of Vienna. Questions were how smart cities can use technology to further participation in democratic processes and what Berlin can learn from Barcelona's sustainable "smart city strategy".

The founders of CityLab Berlin presented the new experimental lab at the Tempelhofer Feld, a former airport where an open space for exchange and ideas on a sustainable participative city of the future will be created.

The opportunities digitisation and new forms of remote work present to rural areas was the subject of the session "Smart Country Brandenburg".

Stefan Kaufmann used his experience from the Civic Tech community to explain how cities can herald the future of mobility. The issue of urban mobility was also discussed in the panel "Wie die Verkehrswende von unten wirkmächtig werden kann" ("How a grassroots revolution of mobility can succeed").

Activists from the association Reclaim Club Culture (RCC) explained how united (cyber-) activism can help defend independent urban spaces and how protests by anti-fascist groups can contribute to democratic and participatory urban development.

Click here for the full "my city > your city > no city" playlist. Enjoy watching!