#rp19-speaker Christian Mio Loclair: A glimpse into the future through the digital mirror

Christian Mio Loclair is a computer scientist, artist and founder of the design studio Waltz Binaire. In his art projects he investigates how artificial intelligence (AI) can predict our future. He wants to develop creative machines that can reflect on themselves through machine learning, thereby exploring new perspectives in human-machine interaction.

tl;dr - 3 questions to … Christian Mio Loclair.

What are you currently working on that will be part of your presentation at re:publica?

We are currently researching our art project "5 seconds" - a digital mirror that uses machine learning to predict what viewers will do next. A kind of digital oracle. We reduce the human being to a predictable unit of calculation and investigate new perspectives in human-machine interaction.
This year's motto is 'tl;dr' (too long; didn't read). Which topic that is close to your heart suffers most from simplification and abbreviation?

I think that the topic of AI really suffers from the fact that our attention spans are reduced. Due to different currents of trends and a constant flood of information, it is often impossible for us to distinguish a buzzword from real social change and I find that threatening.
In the sense of tl;dr: What are your latest must-reads/must-watches?

I try to read scientific publications about AI regularly. Even though the reading is often incomprehensible, the ways of thinking and approaches are very exciting. In my private life I prefer classics that have nothing to do with technology at all, but focus on the human experience. The most interesting part is trying to portray the one through the other, i.e. the human through the technological.

Find Christian Mio Loclairs session here.

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