rp:International Space
16:45 - 17:15
Ask me Anything about Building Joyful Futures

Short thesis

Join Alexis Hope in her journey to challenge institutions to consider whose voices must be centered in innovation spaces to imagine and build many possible utopias and preferable futures. Alexis claims the solution lies with bringing people together to improve inclusivity and cultivate a passionate display of joy for designing better futures collectively. Discuss with Alexis about the details of her work to achieve a new form of community-building and creative problem-solving.


During her talk, Alexis Hope aims to reveal what her team does in order to change how institutions undertake innovation work by reimagining the hackathon - a staple in technology spaces- as a path to equitable design. Vital questions in the work of her team include: How are joyful features built? How can they be imagined? Who designs them, and to what extent are they contributing to the exclusion of marginalized groups?