rp:International Space
17:30 - 18:30
A Black Star Rises: Can Ghana be the Vanguard of African Innovation?

Short thesis

Google is building its first African AI Lab in Ghana. Re:publica hosted its first festival on African soil in Accra, Ghana!
Siemens and VW have both announced upcoming plans to establish plants in Ghana in the wake of a recent visit by German Chancellor Angela Merkel with a high-powered business delegation. Is Ghana the next African economic and cultural hotspot? This session navigates through striking data to tell an unvarnished story of a WestAfrican nation quietly building its future.


'The twenty-first century will be Africa’s moment’ - this melody fashionably resonates in many discussions about innovation. It is both rightly enthusiastic and misleadingly simplifying. Not all African countries have the same innovation record and potential. While large economies such as Nigeria or South Africa have been repeatedly put in the limelight, smaller players with solid potential have often been more discreet – Ghana is one of them. More recently, this West-African nation has been generating a growing interest among investors, businesses and innovators. Ghana is one of the fastest-growing economies in the world and one of the most stable democracies in the region. But does it have what it takes to become a regional innovation hotspot? A bumpy but promising road lies ahead. This meetup will discuss how innovators and entrepreneurs operating in Ghana have an unprecedented opportunity to leverage what works as well as to fix what does not, whilst working with unlikely allies. Those interested in dipping a toe in this fast-paced environment will engage in discussions and learn how to navigate the Ghanaian ecosystem thanks to an unvarnished introduction to Ghana’s potential and challenges.  Education, labour market, domestic demand, political framework, business environment - none are leftout. The workshop will be led by Will Senyo, Co-Founder & CEO of Impact Hub Accra & Manon Dubois who leads Impact Hub Accra’s Research and Development program.