O - Open Air Stage (Museumspark)
12:30 - 13:30
Live Translation
Live-Stream: Back to the Future in Urban Design

Short thesis

This talk will detail how cities should be at the forefront of fighting climate change, the bicycle’s primary role in this task and how this Age of Urbanism is inspiring citizens around the world.


This talk will detail how urban planning and cycling can be simplified and how we should be designing our cities and streets instead of relying on traffic engineering. Using design as a human-to-human process will improve the urban environment and teaming design up with anthropology, sociology and transport psychology first will ensure effective urban transformation.

This is about design as a human-to-human process and how we should use design to create better urban environments. Mikael will lay out out the data and the business model that makes it a must for cities to start work putting back bicycles as transport.

Tactical urbanism, architecture, urban design, policy-making, citizen engagement, activism - it’s all happening. Right now. It is exciting, important and relevant for citizens and city dwellers to hear about it. Inspiration should be shared.