L - Lokschuppen Stage (Museumspark)
16:15 - 17:15
When Tech Meets Fashion

Short thesis

We will be questioning ourselves how can we enhance the perceptions. What conditions should be met?
Inspired by a paper of David Chalmers called the extended mind. The aim of this session is to explore the benefits of wearables and its tendency to develop towards the fashion market. Why is this happening?


Which are the possibilities of non-invasive methods to enhance the body? Do these products rely merely on aesthetics either visual, tactile or emotional? Or does it relies merely in the functionality aspect?  Those are some of the questions that will be discussed. 

After answering trying to answer this questions, let's go through a product landscape. What is already in the market, including a brief description of materials and technologies. Then, we will focus on explaining the process and the possibilities of a smart shoe prototype exploring connectivity and resilience to external conditions.   

From there we can explain some the expectations for the future. Specifically, which products can be expected, and how are they going to interact in an IoT landscape. It has been promised that it will transform how with interact with our personal monitored data. Are we ready to comply with products that may challenges our current concepts of perceptions, interactions, identity, security and privacy?

Experimentation: Let's present an easy experiment.

Please note that we will have sufficient time for questions, exchange of ideas and interact with live products.