@E – FaceMasks

Short Thesis

Installation with tablets.
location: E


Who are you? A question that has tormented humanity since time began. A question that’s not asking you what you’re called; what you do or what you like; but who you are. This particular question grows ever more absurd in the era of social media. An age where everyone and everything can be fabricated.In the virtual realm, can one ameliorate their reality, straddle the imperceptible line between a romanticized truths and lie? Can one find the balance of staging and deceit? Therein lies the birthplace of my artistic inquisition. The search for identity has become my life’s work, as it has become the basis of our social lives.Is our reality that which we express publicly on social media, or conversely, is it the image of ourselves in the perception of others that we have curated specifically to play a certain role? What are the risks of submitting to a character that society has forced upon us?In a time where everyone has their own e-reality TV persona, is it still possible to be simply yourself? In the space between reality and virtual, between honesty and ideation, a retro-futurist oscillation reaches an entire generation.”Andy Picci for Vogue Homme *

BEHIND THE MASK goes against the current because it expresses the opportunity that we have offered smartphones and social networks: that of being ourselves. Indeed it is now so easy to meet and be part of a community, this allows each of us to really be himself, and no longer have to suffer the social pressure ...

SELF-CENTERED places us as the center of gravity of our personal universe, and denounces the egocentrism that has invaded a platform that is initially designated for sharing and exchange.