@h –Transmodernity - Mobile Studio

Short thesis

In our intimate mobile Transmodernity Studio (set up somewhere in the space during the conference) we interview people, asking them to share their dreams, fear and needs regarding the shaping of tomorrow: What kind of world do we want to live in?


Transmodernity is a radically positive philosophical concept and umbrella term that aims to define and make sense of ongoing transformation processes. It is driven by an urge of wanting to make sense of this time that seems to be shaped by a collective disorientation and deep longing for meaning as well as belonging.

This idea lies at the core of this project carrying the same name - aiming to inspire, connect and give impulses for new narratives and new social imaginations.

With this pop-up studio we aim to gather further material for our future research and collectively manifesting possible futures... and to show that often we share the same feelings and thoughts - and that there great potential in courageously revealing our inner worlds.

location: h