Lightning box
14:15 - 14:45
Images matter - Do you know how your pictures look like to your audience?


The old methods of image publishing do not work. Every day we see headless portraits and chest areas picture stories. Whether you are a journalistic publisher, a brand or a user of social media, this affects you. The only way to stand out from the noise is through quality images and publishing them correctly.


We will forget about fancy photography tricks for a second and get back to the basics. I will talk about image composition and why it is essential to know exactly how your images get published when they are released into the wild multiplatform environments.

The talk will cover the basics of how good image cropping affects stories and how a human-computer hybrid approach can help. Because image cropping is much more than having an object in the frame.

This session is for creatives, journalists, brand managers, e-commerce operators and anyone who has published images online.