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11:15 - 11:45
Podcats - Podcasting for the Meme-Generation
Podcasting is dead. Long live the podcast!


What now for spoken audio entertainment? The podcasting model - even the name itself - are from a model of media consumption that is obsolete. Now streaming has taken over digital media consumption, and podcasting has been left behind before it had a chance to get established. We explore the whats, whys and hows of building a new future for spoken word audio.


Podcasting has never been mainstream, and is being increasingly outstripped by streaming content and mass-syndicated digital radio. We take a brief look at the realities of digital audio media consumption, the consumer trends driving it, the impact this has had on podcasting, and why we can declare that “podcasting is dead.”

All isn’t doom and gloom, however - we have a challenge for the community to change the way we produce, distribute and listen to spoken audio entertainment. Podcasting may be dead, but together we can bring its next evolution about. Long live the podcast!