@E – Blockchain or Mockchain?


Everybody loooves Blockchain. The possibilities of divine technology seem endless and incredibly useful. Every day, another startup pops out a new blockchain-driven business model. 
The question is: Can you tell the difference between an innovative startup and a made-up one? Go hop onto the Blockchain train and guess: Blockchain or Mockchain?


It’s the newest gimmick in Berlin’s tech and startup scene repertoire: blockchain technology is in everybody’s mouths and portfolios. Tech nerds and overworked business associates agree: it’s a technology that could revolutionize our world as we know it, once again. But is blockchain really what it seems? Is it an almighty disruption or a hype we won’t even remember in five years?

There is no doubt that blockchain has great, to most unknown potential. It offers trustworthy technology where faulty human judgement used to be. Blockchain’s innovative quality lies in its decentralized dealing with data. Making use of it, blockchain can offer a variety of purposes: e.g. encrypting data to secure users’ anonymity or making all steps of a process transparent and open. The use cases don’t seem to end.

And somehow, that’s what makes entrepreneurs’ hearts beat faster. The blockchain hype seems to produce more and more questionable business models; some companies simply add ‘Blockchain’ to their name: Last year, Long Island Iced Tea Corp. changed its name to Long Blockchain Corp. without even planning on using blockchain technology. In spring 2018, the stock was delisted for misleading investors – however, it still managed to rise by 500% beforehand.

Long Blockchain Corp. or Steem Whale’s blockchain-powered life-size whale that squirts on demand have inspired us to mix real and made-up business models to create the game Blockchain or Mockchain?. The project is part of the exhibition series UberTrumpfen II – the next big thing: Blockchain, Blasen, Derivate und Rausch, developed at Berlin University of the Arts, communication in social and economic context, M.A. (ubertrumpfen.de)

location: E