Kathy Tafel
Head of Engineering

Kathy Tafel is head of engineering at Mobimeo. She moved to Berlin two years ago to escape the madness that unfortunately descended on the Unites States. She's led technical efforts at Apple, Meetup, and Native Instruments, as well as her own software company; and is most interested in examining and breaking down barriers that prevent the highest expression of the individual. 

As such, Tafel has devoted her career as a consumer technologist to putting the means of production in the hands of the masses, while empowering the engineers in her organizations to do their best work. As games evangelist at Apple, she helped define the inclusion of some of the consumer technologies in the first version of Mac OS X, including OpenGL, the HID manager architecture for input controllers, and 3D audio, which now find themselves in every iOS device. She enjoys using computer architecture as a metaphor for designing healthy organizations, and vice versa.

She's happy to have found a home in Kreuzberg to not only raise a child, but also return to her roots.