#rp19 speaker Eben Moglen: Human values in the internet age

Eben Moglen began building software as a professional programmer at age 13. He worked as a designer of advanced computer programming languages at IBM from 1979 to 1985. In 1991, he represented Philip Zimmerman, the developer of PGP (“Pretty Good Privacy”), threatened with prosecution by the US government. He has been an advocate of the Free Media and Free Technology movements ever since.

Eben founded the Software Freedom Law Center, a non-profit that provides pro-bono legal services to developers of free and open source software, and the FreedomBox Foundation. The FreedomBox Foundation is a non-profit that supports the development of FreedomBox, a free and open source private server system that empowers regular people to host their own internet services.

tl;dr - 3 questions to ... Eben Moglen.

What are you currently working on that will be part of your talk at re:publica?
I'm working on a book on the future of human values in the age of the net.

This year's motto is 'tl;dr' (too long, didn't read). Is there a topic you care about that particularly suffers from oversimplification and abbreviation?

In the spirit of tl;dr: What are your recent must-reads/must-watches?
"The Age of Surveillance Capitalism" by Shoshana Zuboff.

Find Eben Moglen's session here.