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18:00 - 19:00
Move fast & DON’T break things: How to cooperate for self-driving cars

Short thesis

The (in)famous Mark Zuckerberg quote “move fast and break stuff” seems to have become the credo of the successful, digital silicon valley culture. Then again, functional safety standards and established safety processes in vehicle manufacturing have contributed to an all-time low in traffic accidents. Both premises can be catered to, when the work of all respective experts is facilitated in a smart cooperative way.


Self-driving cars will flourish in an ecosystem of smart fleet management and user centric apps that facilitate a seamless customer journey. At the same time the algorithms for sensor fusion and maneuver planning will need to be top notch and readily available. Both require modern, agile software development. However, out on the streets the laws of physics still apply and safety is the number one priority for autonomous vehicles. These seemingly polar opposites are a challenge and experts on the respective topics typically come from different company cultures.

Bosch and Daimler combine the total vehicle expertise of the world's leading premium manufacturer with the system and hardware expertise of the world's biggest supplier. Daimler Mobility Services brings its vast experience in creating successful mobility ecosystems like car2go or myTaxi to the table. But how are they creating a working environment, where the traditional trades do not break the speed of an agile silicon valley coder and where the coder does not take functional safety aspects too lightly?

The speakers will debate their approaches as well as the ensuing synergies they are pursuing in their push for self-driving cars in order to ensure the earliest possible series introduction of a secure autonomous car.