Music – Reality Check

Photo Credits: Daniel Großjohann / CC BY-SA 2.0

Within the substantial brackets of <Reality Check>, we’re investigating long-term developments and the broader contexts at the interfaces of music and technology. Perspectives on the topic are primarily from the point of view of smaller and independent stakeholders and artists. What chances do the many artistic, journalistic and organisational ideas and activities have in the overall framework and in today’s systems? And what is structurally problematic in the music industry and culture from a democratic, participatory and emancipatory point of view? Where can we bring pressure to bear to bring about change and what specific suggestions and approaches are there for this?

We shed light on the pop discourse following the discontinuation of many relevant music print magazines last year. We ask what’s actually going on with projects like C3S – discussed years ago as an exciting alternative to Gema – or the “Resonate” streaming cooperative platform. What systemic limits do such “disruptive” projects end up hitting in their development? In the process of the EU copyright reform, both the music and digital industries were strongly involved in lobbying efforts on various sides of the issue. In a discourse analysis, we work out how this controversial result came about. Furthermore, the feminist project NOW asks artists which parts of copyright law they appreciate and which they would like to change. What won’t be missing in <Reality Check>: Artificial intelligence is being hyped everywhere, but what promises and fears are associated with it and what would be the best way to approach it both critically and productively in music and art? And finally: Have we already heard all the possible sounds or there something new coming down the pipeline?

The topic "Reality Check" is zuratet and presented by Music Pool Berlin.


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    Music - Reality Check
    In this hands-on workshop, the participants will learn to solder by putting together their own 4Chord MIDI Device, which is capable of generating the 4 chord progression - I–V–vi–IV, immediately allowing anyone to jam along with their favorite songs which use the same progression.